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GazI Teknopark

Layer 0Gazi Technopark operates in the technopark site that has approximately 20.000 square meter indoors area in the Gölbaşı Campus of Gazi University which has a scenery of Mogan Lake. Institutions and researchers of the technopark has access to many qualified infrastructure, service and opportunities from a single centre besides enjoying tax incentives. Significant opportunities are provided to entrepreneurs with the incubation supports (office with suitable conditions, start-up support, counselling in access to financial resources) and with pre-incubation supports (business idea/project competitions, financial rewards, internship/part-time work/in-service training). According to 2012 and 2013 Technology Development Performance Index of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Gazi Technopark ranks as the first in the same age technoparks category, and it operates with almost 100% occupancy rate. Apart from the significant software projects for numerous sectors, operations are targeted on creating economic and social benefits for following areas: renewable energy, solar energy systems, radar systems, national database, local communication satellite, e-state gate, plasma technologies.

Adress : Gazi Üniversitesi Gölbaşı Yerleşkesi Teknoplaza Binası Gölbaşı / Ankara

Phone : +90 312 484 88 53   Pbx : +90 312 485 14 59

URL :   E-mail :