Gazi ICT Cluster | GazI ICT Cluster
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GazI ICT Cluster

 Gazi Informatics Cluster began its operations in May 2015 under the leadership of Gazi Technopark. Gazi Informatics Cluster’s aim is to mobilize local dynamics and start export mobilization of cooperative foundations. Partnering with Gazi Technopark enables a variaty of important opportunities such as inservice trainings part-time internship program, maintaining ‘’work ideas, Project competitions, monetary reward’’, financial/legal consultancy, establishment support, suitable office during the period of incubation and foundation to researchers.

Gazi Informatics Cluster, having the support of the Ministry of Economics and under the leadership of Gazi Teknopark, has been continuing to give counseling, training foreign marketing support to increase international competitive capacity of cooperations.

Gazi informatics Cluster is comprised of 19 companies and has been working together with bussiness. All these companies are innovative, unique and unrivaled in their own marketing field.

Our Vision:

To initiate the campaign for export under the leadership of cooperating organizations (Gazi Technopark) by enabling mobilization of local dynamics based on project and cluster approach.


What is a cluster?

It is a model of operation in which Manufacturer companies, Side industry firms, Service providers and Institutions come together that operate in the same or similar line of business, that are geographically close together, which cooperate and compete with one another.

In this context, the Ministry of Economy, the Directorate General for Exports supports the cooperating institutions and the clusters that these institutions are members of, under the scope of “UR-GE, The Communique for Supporting the Development ıf International Competitiveness” to initiate the export campaign based on clusters.


Following activities are supported under the scope of UR-GE project:

– “Needs Analysis Activity” to identify the current situation and the needs of the companies.

– “Education and Counselling Activities” that will improve the competitiveness and export capacities of the companies according to the identified needs.

– “International Marketing and Procurement Committee Activities” undertaken for the target markets identified as a result of the needs analysis (this is the main theme that our corporate identity work will focus on).