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GazI ICT Cluster Needs Assessment ActIvIty

Gazi ICT Cluster Needs Assessment Activity / June – September 2015 First and most important activity of “URGE- Project of Developing International Competitiveness”, the Gazi ICT Cluster Needs Assessment Activities are completed with the participation of 25 companies in the period from June to September 2015 according to plans and targets of the project.   Activity of “Needs Analysis” aims to identify the needs and capacities of the companies under the cluster, to write a roadmap for the cluster and make the joint working process more planned and relevant to the cluster.

BasIc ForeIgn Trade TraInIng

Basic Foreign Trade Training / 7-8-9 November 2015 The three-day training that took place in Gazi Technopark involving resident companies of ICT under the scope of URGE Project covered following topics:

  • Catching up with the latest developments in the globalised world, and changing dynamics of the world economy by developing the visions of the participants,
  • Underlining the importance of international cooperation not just for sake of making export sales by entering international markets in the ICT sector but also for sake of technology development and achieving high added value in a sector where there are no boundaries,
  • Tackling legal requirements that should be known for efficient and productive foreign trade operations and discussion of rules of international trade.
PItchIng TraInIng

Pitching Training/ 11-12 December 2015   Ministry of Economy gives huge importance and intense support to the URGE (Developing International Competitiveness) projects within the framework of “Communiqué No 2010/8 on Developing International Competitiveness” to provide incentives to activities that will increase companies’ international competitiveness such as trainings, counseling, purchasing delegations, and visits abroad etc.   Gazi ICT Cluster consists of ICT companies located in Gazi Technopark that aim to penetrate international markets via clustering activities and it has begun its activities in September 2015 as a result of the needs analysis process. The analyses, activities and researches carried out revealed those concepts such as improvement of presentation skills, international sales and marketing and branding are vital to further cluster activities. Moving on from that starting point, the CEO of P3 Innovation Company based in Virginia, USA Keith Segerson is contacted who took active roles in the Executive Boards of Technoparks and has a great accumulated knowledge on investor relations and internationalization acquired throughout his business life. In addition to him, Miray Kurtay was invited to the Pitching Training that took place on 11-12 December 2015, who is the CEO of TIN BEE company, and has worked in World Bank for eleven years as ICT Systems Manager, as well as in banking and treasury departments. Representatives from the cluster companies, Pamukkale University, Istanbul Gelişim University and representatives of other Technoparks attended our training program. Experience of our trainers in the fields such as international trade, investment relations etc are transferred to our participating companies via basic topics such as Internationalization, Branding, Social Media, Effective Presentation Techniques, and Pitching techniques. We will continue our endeavors full force in 2016 too with the trainings that will increase international competitiveness of our companies, and the purchase and sale operations abroad so that they can exist in international markets.

Corporate IdentIty ActIvIty

Corporate Identity Activity/ June-July 2016

ForeIgn MarketIng ActIvIty In UnIted States of AmerIca

Foreign Marketing Activity in United States of America / 24-30 July 2016

Following the need analysis and trainings Gazi ICT Cluster organized its first trade delegation to DC Metropolitan Area, USA with 17 representatives from 11 companies. Our companies held totally 40 B2B meetings and 14 investor meetings.

During the trip Gazi ICT Cluster visited American-Turkish Council (ATC), US Chamber of Commerce, 1776, Fairfax County Economoic Development Agency, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), George Mason University Innovation Center.


After its first succesful business trip to the US Gazi ICT Cluster headed to Washington DC and Boston to realize her business targets.

Between the date of April 29 and May 7 Gazi ICT Cluster companies held 45 B2B meetings in Washington DC and Boston and visited Seven Bridges, Cambridge Innovation Center, MIT Media Lab in Boston.